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Hover Camera Passport – The Self-flying Camera that Follows You Easily

December 31st, 2016

Not just another drone with a camera relying on remote control to fly, Hover Camera Passport is embedded with advanced AI technology which empowers it to autonomously follow you and offer you a hands-free experience, recording your moments while you’re focusing on your adventures.

How to make Hover Camera Passport follow me

1. Open the Hover Camera Passport app on your mobile device
2. Switch to video recording mode
3. Tap the Face Tracking icon Face tracking icon
4. Tap your face twice on screen to get Hover Camera Passport to lock onto you
5. Enjoy hands free video capture!

Face tracking Montage

Once Hover Camera Passport is locked onto your face, its embedded AI technology positions itself automatically to always keep you in the frame. When you’re done with its auto-follow mode, you can simply grab Hover Camera Passport to retrieve it or tap the “One-tap Landing” button within the app to land it immediately.

For a Faster Pace…

For those who are more adventurous, you can take off your training wheels and enable Beast Mode, which can track you up to 8 m/s while you’re doing more intense activities like biking, skating, or jogging.

Open the Hover Camera Passport app on your mobile device
1. Switch on Beast Mode in Settings
2. Switch to video recording mode
3. Tap the Body Tracking icon body tracking icon
4. Tap your finger onto your body twice on the screen to get Hover Camera Passport to lock onto you
5. Now the Auto-follow mode is on. Enjoy!

body tracking montage

Hover Camera Passport’s embedded AI empowers the flying camera to have both the capabilities of a follow me drone and the ease-of-use of capturing video or photos with a smartphone. Hover Camera Passport is so intuitive and people-friendly that it’s easy to pick up even for beginners who might not have any experience with using UAV gadgets or quadcopters.

Not just a quadcopter that follows you

The foldable design is incredibly convenient for you to travel with, while the carbon fiber case makes Hover Camera Passport extremely safe to use indoors. Unlike a drone that follows you via GPS and a wrist tracker, Hover Camera Passport functions through its proprietary image processing technology, making it a great replacement for a following drone indoors.

indoor use hover camera

The best part is you don’t even need a remote control (RC) to use this mode. The Auto-Follow mode is easy to set up through our app on your iPhone or Android device.

Have additional questions?
We have step-by-step instructions offering you extra help for flying Hover Camera Passport. We also created a series of how to videos for you to make the most of your product experience, all at:

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