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In the following pages, we explain how and when we collect information from or about you, what we do with it, and your rights concerning our collection and use of such information.

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Zero Zero Robotics is committed to protecting the privacy of its website users. When you access, interact with, navigate and use any of the features of this website, on any of our social media pages or accounts (“Social Media”), or on our mobile application (the “App” and, together with this website and any Social Media, the “Sites”), we collect certain information from or about you. The information collected includes both information that you are asked or prompted to provide (such as when you register with us or make a purchase via this website and we ask for your name and a valid email address and shipping address (if applicable), and such other information as you may choose to provide to us), as well as other information that we may obtain by using customary technologies that collect such information when you and others use our Sites. We may also collect information relevant to providing you with the features of our Sites from third parties and other outside sources.

By visiting and browsing the Sites, by making any purchase from us, by registering with us so that you will be able to access and use the any features that we currently offer or that we may come to offer through the Sites (the “Features”), or by using those Features, you are agreeing to be bound by the Zero Zero Robotics Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”), and by the terms of this Privacy Policy (“this Policy”) as it relates to our collection, protection, use and sharing of certain information.

This Policy explains in more detail the types of information that we collect, how we use or may use such information, under what circumstances and with whom any of your information might be shared and, finally, your right to review and, if applicable, correct, contest or request that we delete any information about you that we may be holding.



            Each time that you interact with Zero Zero Robotics, including whenever you access the Sites and use any of the Features, we automatically collect information or data about such interactions and the computer or device that you are using at that time to conduct such interaction. Some of the information that we collect under those circumstances identifies you specifically through the information that you are asked to provide to us. Other information – essentially information automatically derived from your (and other users’) interactions with the Sites – does not involve your personal identity (or the personal identities of those other visitors to the Sites).


you sign up with Zero Zero Robotics to receive our newsletter;

  you update or revise your registration with us;

  you download or use the App; 

  you make a purchase of a Hover Camera Product via this website;

you sign up for or participate in contests, promotions or surveys that we may offer now or in the future; or

you submit for posting any Content (as defined in Section 6 of the Terms of Use) on the Sites when that feature becomes available,

we will request and you will need to provide us with certain specific information to facilitate whatever action you are taking or requesting. Such information may include your name, residence or business address, other location information, email address, cellular phone number, and may include certain other personally identifiable  information. When you order or purchase a Hover Camera product, you will be required to Provide us with your contact and payment information (such as credit card information) so that we are able to process and fulfill your order. When you make payment for your purchase with a credit or debit card, we will use your card information only to fulfill your order and for other internal purposes.


When you provide us with your cellular phone number as part of registering with Zero Zero Robotics or to facilitate any Product delivery, you are agreeing that we may contact you, via informational (SMS) text messages, for matters pertaining to your registration, purchase, or otherwise. Unless you ask us not to, we may contact you from time to time at the email address or cell phone number that you provide (and update) to tell you about promotions, new products or new or revised Features, or changes to this Policy or the Terms of Use. We take such precautions as we think are customary and appropriate to protect any personally identifiable  information that you submit to Zero Zero Robotics.

Because we continually strive to improve the Features that we offer to those who visit or use the Sites, and determine how best to meet product expectations of and offerings to customers, we ask website visitors who choose to sign up with Zero Zero Robotics to provide us with the necessary permissions and network consents to allow us to capture your physical location at the time when you are accessing and using the Features. In addition, if granted, we may collect location information from your mobile device whenever you have the App open or running in the background.

Other information is collected from your interactions with the Sites without requiring any specific input from you, and such other information, generally, does not specifically identify you. This information is or may be secured through the use of tracking “cookies” and similar technologies, such as “web beacons,” designed to enable Zero Zero Robotics to better understand visitors to the Sites, their needs and preferences, any setting options they may select and any other information about how they use the Features or otherwise interact with the Sites. “Cookies” are, essentially, small text files that are stored on your computer and used by web developers to help you navigate websites efficiently and facilitate the processing of certain functions. In addition to any cookies that we place on your computer when you access the Sites, cookies may be created and stored on your computer by any other websites that run advertisements or other elements on the pages of our Sites when you visit them, or by third parties whose services we engage in connection with the Sites, such as companies which track or tabulate website visits and provide traffic or user analytics. If you are accessing the App from a mobile device, we use one or more similar or different technologies to achieve similar results.

We also may employ “web beacons” to collect information or to determine or confirm usage of our Sites. A “web beacon” describes a tiny (often transparent or otherwise inconspicuous) file embedded on a web page to allow the website owner or a third party to track who is viewing a web page, when, and from which computer. The data obtained from the use of such technology allows the website owner or its third party consultants or service providers to analyze usage and usage patterns, facilitating further development of the website in line with visitor preferences and usage.

Generally, most web browsers automatically accept cookies from websites visited, and those cookies allow the websites to track and analyze how visitors (including you) interact with the website. At the same time, most browsers allow users to modify their acceptance of cookies, by limiting cookies accepted to those from websites that you visit (as opposed to cookies from third parties placed through your visit to the website), or even to reject all cookies. Rejecting all cookies may not be sufficient to eliminate all tracking or other technologies that websites routinely use for collecting information for their business purposes. If you wish to delete cookies or modify your acceptance of cookies, whether in connection with your visits to the Sites or otherwise, you should check with the provider of your browser (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome, as examples) to determine how to delete cookies and how to reset the settings that govern the acceptance or rejection of cookies. This information is typically found in a Preferences or Help setting. Please note that rejecting cookies employed by our Sites will affect your experience with the Sites and may prevent you from being able to fully access the Sites and/or to utilize the Features in the manner intended.    

Other information that we collect passively from your visits to the Sites may include the type of computer or mobile device from which you are accessing the Sites or using the Features, the time or times of day or night when you access the Sites and the duration of your visits, any return visits, the IP address of such device(s), the manufacturer and model of your device, your operating system and version, the network through which you connect to the Sites, your preferred language, the referring page, and similar data. From time to time, we also may obtain information about you available from third party sources or providers. Examples of the type of third party information that we might seek or obtain about you include general demographic information such as age, gender, income bracket, geographic region, etc., as well as hobby and interest information. 

Once obtained, we retain all of the foregoing information – both personally identifiable information and not – and will have the right to use it in accordance with this Policy, as this Policy may be revised or updated from time to time.

Insofar as (i) Zero Zero Robotics does not allow anyone under the age of eighteen (18) (or, if different in the Country, State, Province, Prefecture, Territory or Region in which they reside, anyone younger than the applicable age of majority), to establish a Zero Zero Robotics registration or utilize the Features, (ii) our Sites are not directed at those aged thirteen (13) years old or younger, and (iii) we do not knowingly seek or collect any information from or about children from those who have established registrations or from other visitors to our Sites, United States Federal and State laws establishing additional privacy policy requirements or safeguards for the collection, retention or use of information from or about children age thirteen (13) or younger by website operators (including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or “COPPA”) do not apply to Zero Zero Robotics or our Sites and are not specifically addressed in this Policy.


If at any time you do not agree or cease agreeing to the terms of this Policy, do not want to continue allowing us to obtain, store and use such information as described in this Policy, seek to delete some or all of the information about you that we may have collected or obtained and hold, or wish to opt-out of receiving advertisements, promotions or other communications not strictly related to the maintenance of your Zero Zero Robotics registration, you may contact us in the manner described in the Section below entitled “CONTACTING US ABOUT YOUR INFORMATION, OR OTHERWISE,”, and opt out of this Policy. Doing so, however, may affect or impair your ability to maintain a Zero Zero Robotics registration, receive the newsletter or use the Features made available to others.






            Our principal uses of your information, along with any information that we collect from or about other users of the Sites, is to facilitate or enhance your (and their) experience with the Sites by taking into account any expressed preferences, to manage your shopping experience with us, to process and fulfill your Product orders, including sending you confirmation and emails advising you of the status of your order, to focus our marketing of products offered or to be offered by Zero Zero Robotics, and to enable us to provide, maintain, upgrade, improve and expand the Features (as well as the choice of Features) that we offer for those who have signed up with Zero Zero Robotics.  As we discern your interests and the ways in which you make use of the Sites and the Features, including any purchases that you may make via this website, we may alert you to advertising, promotions or other information that we think you may find useful or interesting.


By having your identify information, we can easily communicate with you and keep you updated about Hover Camera products and upcoming product launches and provide you with our monthly newsletter and such other customer services as we may offer from time to time. Any communications initiated by Zero Zero Robotics also could be for the purpose of providing general updates about the Terms of Use, this Policy, or might be a notice specifically dealing with your Zero Zero Robotics registration.


            We do not sell your information to others. Under certain circumstances, though, we may share all or some of your information with others. An obvious example would be sharing information about you when you submit any Content to Zero Zero Robotics (as defined in Section 6 of our Terms of Use, available here: to Zero Zero Robotics for posting on our Sites when that Feature becomes available. Content that you submit, if and to the extent that we choose to post it (subject to any editing that we may apply under the Terms of Use), will be made public. Such a posting may include certain personally identifiable information, such as your real or user name and the address or location that you provide as part of your submission. In other instances, we may share information with our business partners or with affiliates of Zero Zero Robotics. For example, if we use a third party to assist with, deliver or fulfill any services that you request from us, or that Zero Zero Robotics now or hereafter otherwise makes available to those who have signed up with Zero Zero Robotics, we would share your information for the purpose of allowing such third party to perform its intended job. To the extent that we rely upon the services of one or more third parties, such as data processing companies and webhosting services to provide the functionality of the Sites, or to interact with any Social Media sites in providing the Features or collaborating in offering promotions, we may share information that we collect to facilitate such functions or to offer such services.


From time to time, we may also share aggregated demographic information concerning website visitors with business partners, consultants, service providers and advertisers. Any such sharing, though, will not be linked to any personally identifiable information that can identify you or any other individual. From time to time, as we evaluate the performance of our Sites and the Features, we may engage outside consultants or other service providers to assist Zero Zero Robotics to improve the Features we offer (and the specifics of such Features) to those who have signed up with us. In those circumstances, we expect to share information that we collect from users of the Sites, including registration information, to allow such third parties to assist us to improve the Sites or Features, or to refocus aspects of Hover Camera products offerings, business strategy and operations. As part of our information management, we also might utilize services provided by others to determine website traffic and to provide us with certain analytics that will enable us to better understand how and when visitors to the Sites use or interact with the Sites. We also might use services that provide targeted advertisements on behalf of Zero Zero Robotics, and those services typically track, analyze and report back on the success of such advertisements. Services provided by such third parties generally rely upon the use of cookies, web beacons and other technologies to identify your device and your interaction with the Sites when you visit the Sites and when you visit other websites.


            Of course, if Zero Zero Robotics receives any legitimate demand from law enforcement or another governmental agency, or if we are served with a subpoena, governmental agency directive, court order or other legal process pursuant to which we are directed or required to disclose or share information about our users generally, or about you in particular, Zero Zero Robotics will comply with its legal obligations and share such information to the extent required. Zero Zero Robotics, like others who hold information or records, could be compelled to disclose certain information in civil, criminal, or administrative matters. Under circumstances, though, where we disagree (or our counsel disagrees) with whether Zero Zero Robotics is required to provide the information demanded by any such third party demand or request, or if we disagree with the scope of the requested disclosure, we may, but shall not be required to, seek judicial relief to quash any such demand or limit any such required disclosure.  


            If we suspect that a Zero Zero Robotics registration is being used:


(i) in any scheme to defraud any individuals or entities (including any other persons or entities who have signed up with Zero Zero Robotics), Zero Zero Robotics itself or any of our affiliates, or any of our business partners, or


(ii) in any manner that constitutes a crime or that violates applicable law,


we may share information with law enforcement and our attorneys about those persons who or entities which have established Zero Zero Robotics registrations and others who have visited the Sites and used or attempted to use the Features or interacted with the Sites, especially where there is evidence that such interaction appears to have been for the purpose or with the effect of disrupting or interfering with the intended operation or functionality of the Sites.


Additionally, if we come to be in negotiations to secure, increase or renew outside investment or funding, to merge with another entity, or to sell all or any part of the equity or assets of Zero Zero Robotics to another party, as part of the “due diligence” investigation that any such investor, lender, merger partner or acquirer is likely to conduct before consummating such a transaction, they may want to review and verify the legitimacy of information relating to Zero Zero Robotics registrations, along with website traffic, Social Media and App statistics, to assess or confirm their interest in pursuing any such transaction, and we would expect to share the information that you and others have provided with such parties, their counsel and advisers in those circumstances. As is customary, though, under such circumstances we would expect such parties to provide us with an appropriate form of confidentiality undertaking to commit to receive, view, hold and use such information solely for the purpose of determining their interest in consummating such an investment, loan, merger or acquisition, and for no other purpose.


The computers and servers in which we store sensitive personal identification information of those who establish registrations with Zero Zero Robotics are located in a secure environment, and access to those computers and servers is restricted to only those employees and others with a need to know for the purpose of performing their responsibilities to Zero Zero Robotics.


Please note that, as a convenience to visitors to the Sites, the Sites may  contain links to other websites or webpages that may be of interest. We may add, remove or change any such links at any time and from time to time. Zero Zero Robotics is not responsible for the content, terms of use or privacy practices of such other websites or pages, even if links to them are provided on the Sites. If you choose to connect to any other website or webpage via links provided on the Sites, you do so at your own risk, and you should read and familiarize yourself with the privacy statements of such other websites to determine how they collect and use personally identifiable information in connection with your visit.



Your California Privacy Rights


If you are a CALIFORNIA RESIDENT, please note that California law permits you to request from us certain details about how your information is shared or how it has been shared with third parties for direct marketing purposes. As of the date of this Policy, Zero Zero Robotics is not sharing your personally identifiable information with any third parties for their direct marketing purposes. If, however, when you sign up with Zero Zero Robotics or subsequently, you provide us with express permission to do so, then we may share such information for such third parties’ marketing purposes.






            You can contact us at any time to share your concerns about the accuracy of any information that we are holding about you or to make changes to your Zero Zero Robotics registration. You should email us at:



Please be sure to use the subject: “Information Correction” in the subject line of your email. To the extent that applicable law provides, you may have the right to require Zero Zero Robotics to delete certain personal information that you have submitted to us or that we have obtained through other means.


            If you do not wish to receive advertisements from Zero Zero Robotics or our affiliates via email or informational (SMS) text messages (whether such advertisements are general in nature or targeted specifically to your interests based upon information that we have discerned through your visits to the Sites, or otherwise), you may contact Zero Zero Robotics at any time and choose to opt-out of such advertising by emailing us your request to that effect at the following address:



If you choose at any time to cancel your registration with us, you can do so by sending an email directing us to cancel your registration, to the following address:



As an alternate to emailing us to address any issue concerning your information or your Zero Zero Robotics registration generally, to opt out of advertisements, or to terminate your registration, you can send written correspondence to us at:



Zero Zero Robotics

Attention: Registrations

2711 Centerville Road,

Suite 400, Wilmington,

19808, County of New Castle,

State of Delaware, U.S.



Generally, cancellation of your Zero Zero Robotics registration will be effective within ten (10) business days of the date upon which we receive your email or written correspondence directing us to terminate your registration. Please note that even if you cancel your Zero Zero Robotics registration, we will retain such information about you, if any, that applicable law requires us to retain, and we may choose to retain certain information about you for our business purposes unless such retention is prohibited by applicable law.





Zero Zero Robotics reserves the right to and, from time to time we expect to, revise, update or change this Policy. Prior to or upon the effective date of any such changes, we will post on this website (and may choose to post on one or more of our Social Media accounts) the updated version of this Policy. After we post a revised version of this Policy on this website, your continued or subsequent accessing of the Sites or use of the Features will constitute your consent to any specific changes made to this Policy, and to this Policy, generally, as revised. Information that we collected under this Policy before the changes came into effect will continue to be governed by the terms of this Policy that were in effect at the time we collected such information, while information collected after the revisions come into effect will be governed by this Policy as revised.


We encourage you to review this Policy regularly to make sure that you are aware of Zero Zero Robotics’s most current practices regarding the handling and privacy of your information.




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